I know in the troubled times, the thought of buying a Gift Voucher seems a tad strange. However...

... whilst I’m still offering Physiotherapy services - when and where appropriate - the Covid-19 crisis is already massively impacting on my business, a business I’ve spent years growing.

Buying a Gift Voucher, for you, or a loved-one or friend, to be used in better times, supports both a local business and benefits a friend/loved-one receiving a treatment when they need it.

Gift Vouchers can be bought (£25, £50, £75 or £100) and used for Physiotherapy Treatments, 1-to-1 Pilates Sessions or even for a 6 Week Course of Pilates*

Be safe and look after yourself and each other. Thank you for your ongoing Support. It means the world.

Vicky x

*subject to availability

I would like to buy a Gift Voucher

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