[Covid-19 Update] Panacea Physiotherapy | Pilates

Re: the escalating Covid-19 news, here is some advice on how it will effect appointments - but phone consultation bookings are now live.

I really dislike the idea of cancelling Physiotherapy treatments and Pilates classes but in view of the current situation with Covid-19 I feel that I need to look at how I provide my services and what I can do to keep people moving and as well as they can in these concerning times. There is a lot of new information being released daily and I know that for a lot of people the risk attached to having treatment away from home or being in a Pilates class is not a sensible one at the moment.

I have been looking at the best way to keep the services I provide accessible to those who would like it. So I am now offering phone consultations to advise people on physiotherapy related issues, I aim to use video calls to discuss your problems and guide you through exercises and stretches you can do at home to keep yourself moving and as pain free as possible. I'm fully aware many of my regular clients will struggle without physiotherapy treatment and guidance over a sustained period. By offering the telephone/video service, the aim is to help ease that burden and offer my support and time.

I am also looking into how I can either live stream Pilates classes or provide classes for you via the internet. So you can keep doing regular Pilates and to keep those aches and niggles at bay. It should help to keep you moving and maybe alleviate some of the boredom while we are socially isolated!

If you have any questions or suggestions of how I can help you further then please contact me via the contact form or chat feature.

Stay safe and keep moving!

Vicky x

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